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The book in stage is very important, for that reason that is why this is a phone only process.

When booking in I need to know you mileage give or take a 1000km.

What mileage is on the lube sticker.
The next thing is there anything you know about, like that suspension noise you hear going over a speed hump, or that grinding noise every time you put your foot on the brake, these things I need to know.
When booking you in I estimate how many hours I need to allow for your car.
When you turn up and give me a list of issues that we have not discussed I also have not allowed time for this and may not be able to finish the car as other jobs are booked and must also be finished.
I often do 12hr days because of the extra work found that customers don’t know about so if I can get a heads up on the things you do it makes a huge difference.