Rego inspections can be done 6mths ahead of time.

You have two choices.

1 be ahead of the game.
2 leave it till the last minute.
If you chose 1 that’s good for both of us.
If you choose 2 then that’s ok as well if the car passes the inspection.
If it does not then that’s not good for you, If my diary is full then I may not be able to get to your car for several days if the work required is more than a light bulb.
After 35 years I take a stand on not working back late and put myself out or inconveniencing other customers to fix your decision to go with #2. Things are not as simple as thought ,just to fix an oil leak these days can take hours so you need to keep in mind that you need to do this earlier than latter especially if you drive an older car.

If you require rust or panel repairs it can take 2-3 weeks just to get into a panel shop these days.
Most are not interested in doing rust repairs so you need to be on top of these issues before your due date.