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At Cowden Automotive, we guarantee your safety as our experienced mechanics provide top-quality repair service when it comes to fixing brake problems.

Importance Of Brakes in A Vehicle

One of the most important safety parts in a vehicle is its brake. The best way to know whether they are working properly or not is to check the brake warning light. When it is on then, it needs attention. However, there are also the less obvious warning signs which if experienced then you must have your brakes checked out by the specialists. If you encounter the following situations, then you must visit a Car Brake Repair Service in Brookvale as soon as possible.

• The car moves to the left or right when braking
• The vehicle loses grip while braking
• The vehicle takes a long time to stop than before
• Screech or squealing sound when braking
• The steering wheel starts shaking heavily when braking

Why choose us?

Cowden Automotive has been providing fantastic car repairing service since 1983. All these years, we have gathered lots of experience as well as we have the best professionals of this industry who will check your vehicle and fix the issues accordingly. Hence, if you are facing any problems or have doubts regarding the proper functioning of your brake then visit us today. You can also contact us via phone or send us a mail stating the problems you are facing with your brake while driving your car.


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