Everything You Want To Know About Car Registration

Everything You Want To Know About Car Registration

In Australia, every vehicle is registered in a state or province and it is referred to as ‘the registration’ or ‘the rego’. It is basically a document, which identifies the vehicle you own. If you own a car, it is compulsory to have your vehicle ‘rego’ checked to safely drive on the roads. Car registration in NSW Brookvale must be in the owner’s name that means you will need to transfer your name while purchasing the car.

What is The Car Rego? 

The rego is a document of registering your car in your state. It is best to have purchased a car that comes with a current rego. Sometimes, vehicles without rego or with a rego (about to expire), then you will need to pay the rego cost during your purchase.

How Does a Car Registration Work?

The rules of car registration vary from one state to another. Therefore, for crowners, it is a must to learn about state regulation where you are buying the car. The vehicle seller needs to give you a purchase receipt along with the information of the car mentioned below:



The plate number


The VIN number

Name, address, as well as the signature of the buyer and seller

Date of sale


When you are to transfer your name, you must submit the aforementioned information to the transportation office by being present in person.

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Car Registration 

Getting your car ready for registration can seem to be terrifying, especially if you are not familiar with this practice. Having your car registered in your state, you will require a pink slip against any car, and a green slip. A licensed mechanic can get you the pink slip and the green slip can be bought from any reputed insurance company in your province.

Getting a pink slip requires you to own a roadworthy car. Here are the requirements:

Your vehicle must be damage-free

It should be in good condition

No leakage in oil

Well-maintained restraining belts

Purchasing a Vehicle Without Rego 

In such a case, you can face two issues:

Driving the car without a valid rego is illegal unless you are buying the insurance taking it straight to the garage. In the event of meeting with an accident, an enormous financial and legal consequence can arise.

To register your car, you need to pass an inspection, which might cause you to bear the risk of costly repair.

At Cowden Automotive, we are a team of trained, licensed professionals, who can help you with vehicle registration. Whether you have bought a new car, or you need to renew the rego, we will be happy to help you out.    


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