Lesser-known Facts about Using Dish Soap for Washing Cars

Lesser-known Facts about Using Dish Soap for Washing Cars

This is a very common question asked by most car owners in the current times. Whether dish soap is safe for car washing or not is a query that is not simple to answer.

It must be understood that washing car on a weekly basis not only keep the vehicle shiny and sparkling but also it enhances the life term of the vehicle at the same time. However, there is the right procedure to wash the car as well as many wrong ways of doing it simultaneously.

At Cowden Automotive, we make sure to explain our customers the best way to maintain their vehicle as well as save money simultaneously. Avoiding washing equipment, proper soap and the right technique does more harm than any good. So if you have bought a new car and searching for car registration NSW Brookvale, make sure to check the following points for the best interest of your car.

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Washing a Car with Dish Soap

Well, the truth is that when you are thinking about using dish soap to wash a car then you are left with laundry soap, hand soap as well as other home cleaners at home. Here, the problem is that all the soap does not have the right pH balance which can be the reason for damaging the paint of the car.

To get the shiny and sparkling results, all you need is proper car soap. One should know that car soap has the necessary amount of lubricants that can be noticed during the cleaning process. This slick formula is very significant to ensure the safety of the vehicle’s paint as well as for cleaning the automobile perfectly.

Things you Need besides a Car Soap

  •        Brush and additional sponge for tires
  •        Wheel cleaner
  •        Washing mitts or sponge made of microfiber or sponge
  •        Microfiber drying towel, squeegee or chamois cloth
  •        Bug and tar remover
  •        Polish is optional
  •        Spar, wax or rub-on is optional

Washing Tips

Remember to wash your car in a shade to prevent drying before it is needed. The reason is that sunlights create spots of water which create a stain on the car. You can prevent getting water spots by keeping the vehicle wet at all times. Also, do not forget to keep the doors and windows shut while washing the car properly so that water does not go inside the car.

Begin with the wheels of the car, the soap will wash the rubber without causing any damage to the wheel. Wheels are usually the dirtiest one and require most of the scrubbing work.

For cleaning the rest of the car use fresh soap and water but first rinse the entire car with a hose. The next step is to clean the debris under the wiper blades. Focus on the stains before cleaning any other part of the car.

Do not scrub the car with too much pressure as well as moving the hand in a circular way can create swirling marks. After washing all the sides of your car, it is very important to dry your car properly.  


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