At Cowden Automotive, we attend to the specifics of a car. For instance, we have considerable expertise at handling faulty brakes, impaired ACs and defective suspensions. Apart from providing all round check-up, we help our customers to avail of servicing of separate parts. For instance, we attend to the problem of dripping brake fluids and creaking spring joints.

We also help with fixing intricate gear issues. At times the car might suffer congested gear shifts due to limited usage of the part. Lubrication becomes a major issue. Similarly, the clutch box might crop up with regular issues. For that, we may either replace the entire clutch box or the cable. At times it might happen that the clutch has stopped working suddenly. In that case, our mechanics may inject a new fluid in order to cleanse the entire hydraulic system of the clutch.

We also attend to suspension issues and faulty spring joints.



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