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One of the best ways to keep your car’s performance in the top level is to maintain the suspension correctly. The function of a suspension is to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride even when you are driving on a bumpy road. At the same time, the suspension keeps the four wheels in firm condition so that the driving, steering and braking systems are working effectively. When the suspension of a car is not working properly, then it might be difficult to control the vehicle and can lead to unfortunate and unavoidable accidents.

Furthermore, a suspension works correctly only when the different parts are working smoothly all the time. The main parts on which a suspension is dependent are the shock absorbers and the springs. Also, it is essential that the tie rod ends, ball joints, as well as the suspension bushes

If you encounter any of the situations given below, then you must visit an auto shop that provides suspension repair service in Warringah.

• The shock absorbers are leaking fluid
• The vehicle is dipping forward while braking
• Unusual noises
• Unusual tread wear on the tyres

Why Choose Us?

• Shocks
• Springs
• Ball Joints
• Bushes can be diagnosed  and replaced correctly
• Diagnosing and replacing the correct suspension parts takes experience.
• Cowden Automotive is one of the most experienced and reputed auto repair shops in Warringah.


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