Things to Check In Your Car Before Taking It for Inspection

Things to Check In Your Car Before Taking It for Inspection

Owning a car comes with a huge responsibility. Being a car owner, you will know that having a car means you need to re-register the vehicle. Either the renewal is annually or biennially, you ought to take care of this very religiously.

One of the biggest pains in the neck for car owners is taking their cars for a compulsory vehicle Rego inspection in Brookvale. Though it is not needed in each and every state, yet it is important. The purpose of this inspection is to make sure that your car is in a safe condition while on the roads.

Before you take your car for inspection, it is a must to have your car checked by an eligible mechanic. Here is what your mechanic will look at your vehicle to make sure the inspection goes smooth:


Cracks, loose seals, and chips are considered to be safety hazards. In case your car has got a sudden chip or a crack, make sure you fix it right ahead of the time. You do not want to fail the inspection just because your car has got a crack.

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Tire Condition

Old, worn tires are not something that will let you pass the safety inspection. In case the tread on the tires has got worn down, getting new tires is a wise decision.

Compromised Functionality

Not just the headlights of your vehicle should be in good condition. The safety vehicle inspection is all about checking your vehicle’s lights to know if they are in good condition. The safety check of your car also includes the emergency flashers, high beams, turn signals, brake lights, sidelights, and backup lights as well.

Alignment and Steering 

The mechanic inspects all the components of the vehicle’s steering. If there is an issue with the steering, you will be alerted to fix those issues as soon as possible. In case the alignment of your vehicle is off, the car will not pass the test.

Brake Performance

It is a no-brainer that brakes are an important safety feature in a vehicle. Your mechanic will instantly know if there is an issue with the performance of the brakes. Having them checked before time or getting them replaced before the inspection is what makes sense.

Fluid Leak

Fluid leaks can certainly pose a safety hazard to you, the passengers of other vehicle drivers. These are important checkpoints for the mechanic.

Vehicle inspections are meant to ensure the vehicles are safe and sound while you are behind the wheels. This is something to keep first on the priority list to make sure you have not risked the lives of you and other people.

Now that you know what a vehicle rego inspection is for and how it is important, make sure to get the car inspected by a reputed car inspection company. At Cowden Automotive, we are a team of inspection team who knows everything about the necessary requirements and standards that are determined by the Roads and Maritime Services.


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