Understanding the Importance of Vehicle Rego Inspection

Understanding the Importance of Vehicle Rego Inspection

Rego is the process of registering a vehicle to a particular state or territory. This is also the document which identifies your vehicle. It is mandatory to have one for driving around the country. Regulations change from one state to another, but certain things remain the same. For instance, the Rego always needs to be in the name of the owner. So, if you are buying a pre-used vehicle, it is crucial to transfer the document in your name. Apart from securing a valid registration, you need to be prepared for vehicle Rego inspection in Brookvale as well.

Importance of the Process 

The inspection procedure is designed to check the safety measures of your vehicle and whether they are current or not. If the vehicle in question does not comply with the safety standards of the state or territory, both the owner and the vehicle will be penalised. So, if the Rego of your vehicle is about to expire, it will be better to go through the inspection before applying for re-registration.

Reasons for Car Safety Check 

The points influencing your decision to go for car safety check in Brookvale are:

1. You are looking to register the vehicle with the state.

2. You are re-registering your vehicle.

3. Certain modifications have been done with the vehicle, including changes in body, engine, and dimension.

4. Your vehicle is a light one and is due for an inspection before the renewal of the registration. Light vehicles that are more than five years old require to go through a safety check. The list of light vehicles includes passenger cars, motorcycles, goods vehicles with gross vehicle mass of 4.5 tonnes or less (does not come with power brakes), and trailers or caravans with the aggregate mass of 4.5 tonnes or less (including the ones with breakaway brakes).

5. Your vehicle offers point to point transport services. Such vehicles need to go through the safety check at least once a year.

6. You are interested in getting a repairable written-off vehicle registered.

Areas to Concentrate on  

During the inspection, the following areas of your vehicle will be checked under the standard safety aspect:




4.Chassis and suspension



7.Tyers and rims

8.VIN or vehicle identification number

9.Vehicle medication details

Details of the Procedure 

If your vehicle needs a Rego inspection, the best decision will be booking an appointment with a registered inspection station. The procedure will be done by the standards determined by the Roads and Maritime Services. The report will be mailed directly to the RMS. This report will be valid for the next six months. You need to renew the registration within that period.

A Few Tips to Help

If you have queries and doubts on the subject, then sending a mail with all your questions will help. Getting the answers from an experienced person will make it easier to prepare for the actual inspection. For instance, when properly informed and prepared, you will know about items to carry and ways of conducting yourself during the inspection. The tips are:

1. Arriving at least 15 minutes before the appointment to avoid delays and unnecessary complications.

2. Carrying all the necessary papers including proof of identity, proof of entitlement (for registering the vehicle), proof of NSW residency, green slip, blue slip, old number plates (if available), fully filled application for registration, proof of eligibility for the concession you are applying for (if applicable), and such.

3. Co-operating and making the process simpler and convenient.

Having a basic idea of the subject will help to handle everything properly, and Cowden Automotive will prove to be of great assistance.


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