What are The Things You Must know before Going for Car Tune Up Service?

What are The Things You Must know before Going for Car Tune Up Service?

The term ‘car tune-up’ is undoubtedly an ambiguous service or request whose meaning can differ from one person to another respectively. The main reason is that some car owners refer tune up to just normal check up to see whether if everything is functioning properly.

On the other hand, some other people consider tune-up as proper replacement of damaged parts as well as repair services.

Cowden Automotive believes that it would be wise if we break down the definition of tune up and the points we should consider for the best interest of the car.

Auto Tune Up and Associated Factors

Before searching for car service quote online it is better to understand what is an auto tune up so that you can know what you want for your car. The first and the foremost thing is that an auto tune-up service is made of two parts, which are the inspection and the real tune up.

What happens in inspection is that it is a visual check of the engine’s fuel system parts to make sure that the fuel filter is clean and unclogged. Also, no damage has come to the fuel pump as well as the fuel injector is also clean. Inspection also includes performance of the plugs, checking engine’s PCV valve, air filters, ignition timing, and oil and coolant levels.

The actual tune up service depends on the visual assessment, which is the inspection result done by the car professionals. In such scenarios, if it is found that something is not working properly and needs repair and replacement then it can be considered as actual car tune up.

What Signs Indicate that Your Car Needs Tune Up?

  • Stalling

Is the car lagging for a moment before starting to move when you are pressing the pedal to accelerate? In other words, your car stalling for some seconds or minutes can be a warning sign which should not be ignored. Get it checked by a reputed and trustworthy auto repair service in your area.

  • Brake Issues

It is needless to say that any issues with brakes should be taken seriously because the last thing you would want is to see that your brake is not working in the middle of a highway. There are different types of brake problems, like brake pedals can feel spongy or soft while pressing it as well as it can make scraping sounds which is a common sign of damage in brake system.

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  • Fuel Economy

Make sure to remember how often you are filling the tank because if you suddenly discover that you are filling tank repeatedly then something is wrong. So do not ignore this issue but remember to take your vehicle to the repair shop before it gets late.

  • Engine Lights becoming on

It is not a good thing if you discover that your engine lights have suddenly turned on. The reason is that the car diagnostic system is alerting you that something is wrong with the functioning of the engine and requires quick inspection and repair services. Go for fast servicing when you see the engine lights have turned on in your car.

The aforementioned facts are the basic things to watch out for so that you can ensure the right maintenance of your car. So remember to get your car inspected and based on the results make the decision of getting auto tune up services.


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